The Leatt-Brace™ is an injection produced glass reinforced nylon or carbon fiber and Kevlar neck brace system designed by medical professionals and motorcycle enthusiasts to help prevent:

* Hyperflexion: extreme forward head movement
* Hyperextension: extreme rearward head movement
* Lateral Hyperflexion: extreme sideways head movement
* Axial loading: compression of the spinal column due to the effect of force on the helmet
* Posterior hypertranslation: rearward movement of the head/helmet on the neck.

There is currently no other neck protection system available for motorcyclists that can effectively help prevent all of the above potential injuries. The design rationale behind the Leatt-Brace™ is to bring the head to a controlled stop. This is achieved by providing a padded rigid structure that acts as an alternate load path for neck forces. Helmet impacts otherwise transmitted from the helmet to skull and then to the neck are re-directed from the helmet to the brace to other body structures in a safe way.

Small and Medium sized models of the MOTO GPX are available. To determine the correct size of brace for your body, please use the following rough fitment guide:

Small: 4 – 16 years old (thin build)
Medium: 16 years + (average to bigger build)

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Xtreme sports · 24. Juni 2008 um 18:57

LEATT BRACE protector…

Das Neck Brace System ist leichte Konstruktion aus Karbon, Kevlar und glasfaserverstärktem Kunststoff, die teilweise mit einer weichen, schlagdämpfenden und hautfreundlichen Schaumstoffschicht überzogen ist. Es wird wie ein Kragen um den Hals gelegt…

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